Nifty 50

Updated: May 8

September 2020

From Mid May #Nifty50 Has Never Made a Lower Low But It Has now Gone Below The Daily Trend line So there is Possibility that "Higher Highs And Higher Lows" formation may Change.

#Nifty50 Again Bounced From last low.

Mind: Know it's time to short

Chart: Nahi Nahi Abhi Nahi.....

October 2020

#Nifty50 Pattern changing to

"Lower lows Higher highs".

Shampoo wala pattern ban Raha hai kya?

Meanwhile Me: Yeh Kahan aa Gaye hum.

#Nifty50 Becoming stronger and stronger

Crossed the resistance(11,600) and went to a high of 11,800

Now taken retracement at 11,600 Level.

November 2020

#Nifty50 Reached an All-Time High Yesterday closed above 13,000

From talks of reaching 7,000 to now talks of reaching 15,000.

December 2020

#Nifty50 What a volatile year for markets Nifty move from ATH to 7,500 levels and back from 7,500 to ATH.

5 Year Move in a Year...

January 2021

#Nifty50 Update After a break down of 600 points in a single day and then back to its path on an all-time high. It has now reached a trendline resistance from the March lows. But the momentum still looks strong and of course, retracement is always appreciated.

February 2021

#Nifty50 As expected there was a retracement of 1,000 points which may even have extended but #Budget2021 changed the game.

Sharp up move from 13,700 to15,400 was seen, then to Nifty was not able to cross its resistance and again started falling and now has broken recent support.

March 2021

#Nifty50 After an long bull run now taking rest.

Sideways from last few days.

Strong resistance at 15250-300 and support at 14400.

This expiry is very important as its an yearly expiry.

April 2021

#Nifty50 at Crucial Juncture

After Touching ATH of 15,400 It is forming an Falling Channel pattern Plus Monthly candle for March month has been an Doji(Forming Evening Star) And on top of that #COVID19 Cases are rising.

Even after all this I am still Bullish.

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