Nifty 50

Updated: Sep 14

September 2020

From Mid May #Nifty50 Has Never Made a Lower Low But It Has now Gone Below The Daily Trend line So there is Possibility that "Higher Highs And Higher Lows" formation may Change.

#Nifty50 Again Bounced From last low.

Mind: Know it's time to short

Chart: Nahi Nahi Abhi Nahi.....

October 2020

#Nifty50 Pattern changing to

"Lower lows Higher highs".

Shampoo wala pattern ban Raha hai kya?

Meanwhile Me: Yeh Kahan aa Gaye hum.

#Nifty50 Becoming stronger and stronger

Crossed the resistance(11,600) and went to a high of 11,800

Now taken retracement at 11,600 Level.

November 2020

#Nifty50 Reached an All-Time High Yesterday closed above 13,000

From talks of reaching 7,000 to now talks of reaching 15,000.

December 2020

#Nifty50 What a volatile year for markets Nifty move from ATH to 7,500 levels and back from 7,500 to ATH.

5 Year Move in a Year...

January 2021

#Nifty50 Update After a break down of 600 points in a single day and then back to its path on an all-time high. It has now reached a trendline resistance from the March lows. But the momentum still looks strong and of course, retracement is always appreciated.

February 2021