Market Outlook

Updated: May 8

D Street Talks has recently started a new series, Market outlook the name itself is self-explanatory. But just to give an overview of the Market outlook series, there would be a discussion about fundamental changes and an update on Nifty 50 Levels for Monthly Expiry.

And also each one of us comes up with one stock that can be a potential performer for the month.

03MO: March 21 Yearly Expiry


BHEL - Closed above a major moving average.

  • Buying Zone : 44-47Rs.

  • Stop Loss : 40Rs.

  • Target : 60Rs.

Dr. Reddy - At Major Support Level, RSI and Stochastics at Oversold Level.

  • Buying : 4480Rs.

  • Stop Loss : 4200Rs.

  • Target : 5000-5500Rs.

NMDC - Multi-Year trendline breakout, Metals Cycle turning bullish.

  • Buying : 128Rs.

  • Stop Loss : 110Rs.

  • Traget : 180Rs.

Personally Holding

Aditya: None

Mikhil: None

Kaushal: NMDC

Consult with your financial advisor before entering the stocks.

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