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Artharjan (Journey toward Financial Independence)

Updated: Aug 17

Learn all about Indian Securities Markets/Financial Products from basics to advance level.

Useful for 2 Types of people

1. Who wishes to have Financial Independence(FI/RE)

2. Who wishes to make a large sum of money(wealth creation)

The first important step towards making money is to be focused and efficiently utilizing as much as time possible.

Sessions are divided into three types

So that it could be useful for people who are interested to learn basics versus those who want to directly jump to advanced levels becomes easier.

We will Be starting from the basics

Basics of Financial Planning

The session would be based on - Financial Pyramid

Products that would be covered

  1. Insurance

  2. Emergency fund

  3. Retirement planning

  4. LS/C Fund

  5. Mutual Fund

  6. Share market(Stocks/Derivatives/curr-comm)

  7. Debentures(Bonds)

  8. RE investing

  9. Crypto Etc.

Recommended for everyone.

This session will help an individual to make his financial base very strong, which is very important before entering into the game. (It won't be just a 1-hour session, after the session, we would be helping you to practically Save/Invest in all the products we have discussed. As most of the time, people just join a session and after a few weeks completely forget about it.)

One of the main reasons for starting Artarjan was not just to pass on the knowledge but also to help every individual practically implement what he/she has learned.)

Stock Market

Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

In TA and FA, there will be three levels Basic Intermediate Advance and one special session. (Only for selected attendees)

TA Basic

  • Chart and Candle Types

  • Indicators

  • oscillators

TA Intermediate

  • Patterns

  • Fibonacci

  • Price action

  • Candle Merging

TA Advance

  • Building a proper trading system

  • Risk management/Dealing with setbacks(Continous losing streak)

  • Traders sharing their experiences (10+years experience)

FA Basic

  • IPOs

  • Key terms(Dividend, Bonus)

  • Ratios

FA Intermediate

  • Macro analysis

  • Industry analysis

  • Understanding CC, IP and AR

FA Advance

  • Forensic analysis

  • Checking management motives

  • Complete company analysis(top to bottom)

  • Building Balanced Portfolio

These are not just going to be 2-4 hours sessions there would be tasks given on every topic

plus once you have attended the session you would become part of our group for lifelong

In which we would be continuously discussing about markets key updates and sharing experiences with each other.

Basics of Financial Planning course is open to everyone. Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis Courses will be launched in January 2023.

Please fill the form If Interested


Only Advance Course would be taught in person others would be taken online.

The cost of the session would be emailed to you once you have filled out the form.


Thank You.

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